To The Man That You Are / Vanecha Roudbaraki

To The Man That You Are
My life has shown me through the means of a revolution, a war and a monstruous earthquake followed by immigration that to be really alive, one has to be ready to die at any moment. In other words, one must learn to live with the knowledge of death.
I also realized that it was a miracle that I was still alive and that miracle was not only mine. It was also the case for the majority of people in this world. Being aware that I was lucky to be alive gave me a very optimistic vision of life and I enjoy it more and endeavor to learn the utmost about those subjects which call out to me.
I continue to increase my intellectual, mental and spiritual wealth so that I may interiorize this wealth because it is my opinion that true wealth just like true strenght and real beauty become eternal only once they are interiorized.
I try to remain on the path of apprenticeship and to argument daily in order to keep peace in myself and I am convinced that to achieve a relative peace in society, we must realize and interiorize peace in ourselves though we must sometimes experience war to reach peace. But whether war be inside or outside of us, we must in any case be a good and faithful warrior.
It is with this spirit and with this in mind that I reached for the Martial Arts because the Art of fighting enables us to reach a relative balance on our way to peace.
I hope to be able to remain on the route to apprenticeship during my life and that in turn I will be able to pass this on to others.
I have crossed the path of extraordinary men and women in my life who have hugely contributed to my education and construction and I have understood that the most poweful being in the world is the human being. He is well able to build his stength and qualities through apprenticeships, educations and experiences and is capable of handling them to become an extraordinary power. But he can also become destructive towards himself and his society and create even more important problems for his environment. Man alone can stop his own destructiveness.
I have also discovered that Martial Arts, just like the Art of painting, are the expressions of a soul and a spirit that is sane, determined and noble that can obivously commit itself to the humain society.
Vanecha Roudbaraki
Avril 2016